We have some amazing offers for you to enjoy ?

Need a Back Massage?

{Absolutely} {YES!} {Oh yeah..}

Perfect, because we have taken a massive $25 OFF our Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage during our Summer Treatment Sale ?

You will:

✔️ Be well rested enjoying half an hour to of peace and quiet
✔️ Have looser and more relaxed shoulder and back muscles
✔️ Feel amazing and rejuvenated

And at just $40, you will NOT:

 Feel guilty for breaking the bank

Arrange your Back Massage by popping us a text at 0478 606 583.


When was the last time you had a facial?

A real, honest to goodness, hands-on facial that left you feeling completely relaxed, with gorgeous, radiant skin that looked, and felt great.

Too long to remember? Then you need a Serenity Signature Facial in your life today

For a limited time you will receive all the goodness that is our most popular treatment plus a free Microdermabrasion Exfoliation upgrade, valued at $40.

Imagine this… You are welcomed into a calm, candle lit treatment room where you are invited to leave the outside world where it belongs: Outside.

You will begin your treatment with a cleanse and skin review, before delving into a deep, but gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation that will lift dry and dull skin cells, leaving you with skin that is soft and smooth to touch.

Then you will be indulged with a luxurious and relaxing facial, neck, shoulder and scalp massage that will have you snoring – Yes, it happens and it’s just the best feeling for a therapist!
Following your massage, a warm towel compress will remove all hints of our unique sunflower massage oil, then a skin brightening face mask will be applied, including a nourishing and creamy mask for your delicate eye area, before your therapist quietly sneaks out of the treatment room to give you some time to just be.

Once you’ve had some time to relax without interruption, your face mask will be removed with a hot towel, and daily skin care applied. Once your facial is completed, your therapist will gently wake you and remove the remaining massage oil from your back with another hot towel, before allowing you time to dress in peace.

How does that sound? An hour to yourself, relaxing while your therapist works her magic?

Total bliss.

And it’s only $105, amazing right?

If you’d love to arrange a Summer Signature Facial for yourself, give us a call on 9309 5177


** 30% OFF Eternal Specialised Facial **

The festive season can often leave us with dry and dehydrated skin, with sugary, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks not helping.

To give your skin a boost this summer, we’re giving you a massive THIRTY PERCENT OFF a powerful one-hour Eternal Specialised Facial.

Using a salon-exclusive smoothing morpho-mask with caviar, your skin will be hydrated, firmer, plumper and more toned.

You will only receive 30% off while our Summer Sale is happening, so be sure to arrange your Eternal Facial today.

Get yourself plumper and more hydrated skin with an Eternal + Regeneration Facial today, 9309 5177


** 30% OFF Stop the Clock (Spirulines) Specialised Facial **

If you’re after a treatment to stop the ageing process, then look no further than our Ella Bache Stop-the-Clock.

With over 220-life essential nutrients, spirulina is key in halting the glycation in your skin.

You will also receive a luxurious massage that will ensure you not only look fresh and inspired, but feel amazing.

Arrange your Stop-the-Clock Facial today by giving us a call on 9309 5177.

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